Mis Rubins White Magic All Purpose Seasoning

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Mis Rubins White Magic All Purpose Seasoning 156g

Pick up a bottle of time-honoured Montgomery, Alabama tradition when you purchase White Magic!

When Julia Hanan made magic in the kitchen, she brought along some of her family's Greek heritage.

Locals came to know and love White Magic for its unique savoury flavour with just a hint of citrus.

For over seventy years, patrons of Penny Profit, Alabama came back again and again for her irresistibly good seasoning.

White magic is an all-purpose seasoning best served as a dry rub on chicken, fish, and pork.

On the other hand, it's really versatile, so it's great on salads, pasta, and vegetables too.

Season to taste and enjoy this All-Purpose blend.

For a taste you won’t soon forget, pick up a bottle of White Magic. Enjoy!