BBQ Charcoal & Lump Charcoal

While gas grills are great to use for convenience, nothing beats a charcoal grill on flavour or experience. For people who love barbecue, using a charcoal grill is the ultimate way to cook your food, not only for your meats but also for other foods, such as grilling your veggies. There’s nothing quite like a charcoal-grilled tomato, capsicum or corn to go with your grilled steak and chops. 

Only the finest BBQ and lump charcoal

Here at The Barbecue Company, we know to get the best out of your charcoal grilling experience, you need all the right tools and supplies to get your grill going. The most important would have to be the charcoal you use. We gave an excellent range of BBQ and lump charcoal for you to choose from to get your grill all fired up, including:

The Barbecue Company has the lump charcoal you need

Finding the right lump charcoal is crucial when it comes to creating the right taste for your barbecue. We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best. This is why we stock quality lump charcoal and briquets for your barbecue needs.

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1 product