BBQ Wood Chunks & Wood Smoking Chips

Wood smoking chunks are standard amongst barbecue cooks and are a readily available option for smoked cooking. Wood chunks allow you to maintain a steady smoke source for that perfect smoked flavur. They are lightweight and easy to handle, as they ignite and burn quickly, making them ideal for all kinds of quick or slow cooking on the BBQ. 

Using wood smoking chunks

Depending on what kind of food you like to cook, there's a smoking chunk variety or blend to match. The great thing is, you can use smoking chips on all kinds of hooded BBQs, whether you have gas or charcoal fuelled.

Brands we trust

Our go-to brand for wood smoking chunks will always be Myron Mixon. Their BBQ wood chunks offer five different aromas that provide a unique flair to your meat’s flavour profile. These natural wood chunks include Hickory that’s strong, yet sweet, Maple with its mild and sweet flavour, White Oak for its subtleties, and Cherry and Apple, both mild and fruity. 

All Myron Mixon BBQ wood chunks, are sourced locally to North Carolina and harvested, seasoned, and carefully hand-packaged in breathable burlap bags. Myron Mixon’s wood chunks for smoking and grilling offer some of the best choices for BBQ wood smoking chunks!

The Barbecue Company has the wood smoking chunks you need

Finding the proper BBQ wood smoking chunks for your grill /barbecue is crucial for creating the perfect taste for your food. We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best. This is why we stock quality wood smoking chunks for all your barbecue needs.

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3 products