BBQ Brines & Meat Injectors

Injecting meat with various juices and flavours before cooking has become increasingly common in the past few years. This new rise in interest has led people to seek the best methods to inject meat, what to inject into meat for grilling, barbecuing, smoking, and more. There are so many flavours, juices and marinades to choose from to inject meat while cooking.

We’re here to help

Here at The Barbecue Company, we know it can be challenging to choose what to inject your meat with or marinate it in, which is why we have a stock list of injections, brines and marinades from trusted BBQ brands. We also understand that your choice of injection or marinade will depend on how you choose to cook your meat. This is why we have a wide variety of products from pork injections, butter and bath wraps, and marinating sauces to suit any method, from smoking, cooking or barbecuing. 

Brands we trust

Meet injectors and brine can help increase flavour, deliver moisture and save you time, and we stock injections, brines, marinades and other injections and from trusted brands such as Heath Riles BBQ, Malcom’s How To BBQ Right, Whiskey Bent BBQ and Allegro.

The Barbecue Company has your Meat Injector needs met

Finding the proper meat injection, brine or marinade for your meat is crucial for creating the right flavour. We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best. This is why we stock quality BBQ meat injections for all your barbecue needs.

23 products

23 products