Can You Cook Pizza in a Kamado BBQ?

If you're a Kamado grilling fan, chances are pretty good that you've thought about cooking pizza on your Kamado BBQ. After all, what could be better than grilled pizza? The answer is: not much!

Cooking pizza on a Kamado grill is actually pretty easy, and once you get the hang of it, you'll be cranking out pizzas like a pro in no time. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Just follow these simple tips and you'll be able to cook up perfect pizzas right in your Kamado BBQ.

How To Cook Pizza In A Kamado BBQ

First, make sure you have a good pizza stone. This will help transfer heat evenly to the pizza crust and prevent it from sticking to the Kamado grill. Preheat your Kamado grill to about 260 degrees Celsius - this will ensure that the pizza cooks quickly and evenly.

Once your Kamado grill is preheated, place the pizza stone on the grates and then carefully slide your pizza onto it. 

Use a pizza scoop/peel to protect your hands and arms. If you’re having trouble using the peel to remove or insert the pizza, then add some cornstarch or flour to its surface to reduce stickiness. 

It’ll cook very fast! Take it out once the crust and toppings start to slightly brown and take it out while the crust is still soft but after it is cooked. 

If you like a well-done crust, just cook it a bit longer.

Make sure your top and bottom damper vents are fully open and close them when needed, or when the oven is too hot. You can use a pizza stone or not. Turn once halfway through cooking.

Using a stone base allows you to distribute the heat around your pizza pie evenly and it absorbs excess moisture, allowing your pizza to cook perfectly without interference. In fact, many people believe that cooking pizza in a Kamado BBQ is the best way to get that perfect wood-fired flavour.

Now that you know how to cook pizza in a Kamado BBQ, try it out for yourself and see how delicious it can be!

Why Kamado Grills Are So Great

A Kamado BBQ is the perfect tool for cooking up a delicious pizza. With its high heat capacity and ability to maintain consistent temperatures, your pizza will come out perfectly cooked every time. Plus, the closed dome helps to create the ideal environment for making a crispy and bubbly crust. Enjoy your delicious Kamado BBQ pizza!

You won't be able to get enough pizza from your Kamado grill.

It's the perfect way to cook pizza. You'll be able to get a crispy crust and all of the flavours you want from your favourite toppings. Plus, you can cook pizza in a Kamado BBQ faster than you can in a traditional oven.

Pizza from a Kamado grill is always great. The heat is perfect to melt the cheese and incorporate the pizza sauce flavour into the crust without the crust absorbing too much of it. 

Kamado BBQs From The Barbecue Company

Kamado BBQs are versatile grills, that will allow you to grill, smoke, and cook, due to the shape of their domes and specs. The Goldens' Cast Iron Kamado grill and smoker are built for longevity and quality. Made out of cast iron, it is very strong and can be mounted to a hand crafted steel cart. Also with cast iron wheels, for ease of transportation.

Using wood chunks and pellets, along with your burning charcoal, you can mimic a wood-fired pizza oven. Make sure to remove any old ash and coals from your kamado coal basket and ashtray for an increased Oxygen flow, to better cook your pizza. 

You won’t have to worry about buying another smoker or grill, and neither will the next generation of your progeny. That’s how long it can last. The Golden Cast Iron Kamado Grill products are made and imported from the USA. You can buy one from The Barbecue Company today! Consult our range, or contact us with any questions or feedback you may have.