How do you caramelise BBQ sauce on ribs?

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The secret to caramelising smoky BBQ sauce 

Well, sir/ma’am, now that it’s time to fire up the grill, you might be wondering what the surefire way for caramelising sauce to get your ribs to perfection? Here’s how to reach sauce heaven in just a few simple steps. For starters, go easy on the sauce. You wouldn’t want to get yourself into a sticky situation. A full slab of spare ribs will require 1 cup of sauce for each side, while St. Louis cut ribs need 3/ cup and baby back ribs ½ a cup. Sauce your ribs before you cut them — and we’re not talking about the cut sides here. Drip the sauce on after the meat is cooked, especially with sugary sauces that get chewy and burn. (If you’re on the hunt for something sweet, get your skillet under the Sweet Southern Shine BBQ sauce.) Some sauces will be fine poured right on but many will be enhanced by baking with the meat so that they can caramelise. Cook slowly on a low burner, and apply to the meat 30 minutes before they’re done. You can also warm the sauce in a microwave or frypan to get it ready for the ribs. Sizzle and crisp over the heat prior to serving by brushing on the ribs and applying under direct heat for 10 minutes, each side. Above 160 celsius, sugary sauce will start to caramalise. If you go for this technique, you should take 30 minutes of the cooking time so that the intense heat doesn't overcook your slab.

The best barbecue sauce

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