How do you store BBQ rubs?

BBQ rubs are the best way to increase the heat and bring your barbie to the next level. A rub is to a slab of meat like spices are to a good curry. An awesome rub will have the entire neighbourhood salivating in your yard, and, along with some cold beers, is your key to a successful BBQ. You’ll have the most tender, juicy steaks on the block, and all the other carnivores will be wondering what your secret is. So now you’ve gone out and stocked up on the finest quality rubs and steak seasoning from the BBQ Company to prepare your meat, what do you do with all the spices you have lying around in the heat? And how do you extend the life of these specialty ingredients so that you can continue to own the grill with pride? There’s a few considerations you need to keep in mind when storing your rubs so that your next serving of ribs doesn’t turn out chalky and hard as bricks. Besides, these babies ain't cheap and you want to maximise their use as much as possible so that its money well spent. Keep reading to find out some meaty advice.

A look inside your BBQ rubs and steak seasoning

Take a good hard look at your brisket seasoning, steak seasoning, beef rub, whatever your spice of choice–pick your poison–what are the ingredients included in the mix? Meat rubs that are primarily herb based tend to last around 6-9 months after you open the container. Because the herbs contain oils (which is great for adding flavour to the rub), the oil can dry out and start to lose its potency and flavour. Red spice rubs have a longer shelf life, and like any Texas native, can withstand the harshest of conditions. These rubs are longer lasting and lower maintenance to their mediterranean buddies, so if you want something that can stand the test of time, this might be your guy. This Southern bell, Swine Life Mississippi Grind – has tenacity and is sure to stick around. And the Tennessee Mojo BBQ Rub, manufactured in Tennessee, USA–BBQ capital of the world—sweet with a touch of heat, sugar spice and all things nice. Sink your teeth in this fiery concoction!

Keep your meat rubs out of the limelight

We know you want to display your exceptional collection of rubs to the world; the pride of your life (behind your family, of course), your most prized possessions; a trophy collection honouring your years of dexterity behind the grill, a monument to your scrumptious brisket and succulent burgers. But sadly this display of showmanship is going to put the longevity of your rubs at risk. It’s time to lock up your seasoning, but don’t worry, it’s not goodbye, it’s just see ya later. Come on, no need to shed any tears. Remember what you got these little guys for, to liven up your meat, not to overshadow it. These seasoning containers are here to serve you, not the other way around. You wouldn’t want to leave your olive oil out on the kitchen bench at all hours of the day, because the exposure to UV and light can put a damper on the flavour and pizazz of your rubs. The sunlight can age your seasoning and spices prematurely, so it’s best to keep them safe from harm’s way until the big day, when it’s finally time to heat up the barbie. Until then, it’s a good idea to store them in an opaque jar away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cupboard. 

Prep your meat (and sprinkle your BBQ rub) properly

What about when it's time to rub up those pieces of meat? You need to be particular about how you go about this delicate process, because another factor that can affect the quality of your meat rubs is moisture. It’s generally a bad idea to dust it on while your meat is sitting on the BBQ, because you’d be crazy to expose your gourmet cuts to the outside world, it’s like the wild west out there. What you want to do instead is powder it on the meat in a cool, dry place, like the kitchen before transporting those seasoned beauties outside to face the heat.

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