What Is The Best BBQ Sauce?

No barbecue is complete without BBQ sauce. Whether grilling a prime steak or frying seasonal vegetables on the grill, BBQ adds a crucial dash of flavour and seasoning.

However, effective use of BBQ sauce requires a little more than simply pulling a bottle from the fridge and squirting it over your meal right before serving. By understanding the ingredients that go into BBQ sauce, the available types, and what kinds of meat and vegetables they best go with, you'll soon be known as the king of the barbecue.

The good news is The Barbecue Company sells various BBQ sauces for any and all occasions. Browse our full range today!

A Short History Of BBQ Sauce

Much like any food or condiment, the history of BBQ sauce is a little hazy. There are a few different stories about how the sauce came to be and explanations for its rise in popularity.

The practice of barbecuing itself dates back to around the 15th century. European settlers exploring central America came across indigenous people roasting meat on a grill assembled over an open fire — a very early form of barbecuing. Over the next five hundred years, the practice evolved considerably. While barbecued meat still has that same smoky flavour today, the tools, equipment, and ingredients we use are radically different.

Historians have discovered evidence that vinegar was used to help prepare barbecue meat from around the 18th century. To this, salt, pepper, and mustard were added to form a very early type of smoky BBQ sauce. As time went on and ingredients became more readily available, barbecue chefs began to experiment with different flavours and sauce consistencies depending on the meat they were using. 

By the 20th century, many of the companies we now associate with BBQ sauce and other condiments had begun mass-manufacturing their product. It wouldn't be long before The Barbecue Company began importing some of America's most popular Texas BBQ sauces for Australian customers.

What Is BBQ Sauce Used For?

The question might seem a little silly, but the truth of the matter is that BBQ sauce has a wide variety of applications.

Of course, you can use it in the traditional sense — drizzled on top of your meat to provide an added kick of flavour. But there are many other ways to make the most of barbecue sauce.

Consider marinating your meat in BBQ sauce before cooking for a rich, intense flavour. Just be sure not to leave your meat sitting too long in the sauce — it can break down the meat's fibres and cause your steak to become a mushy mess.

You can also use BBQ sauce as an ingredient itself in a variety of dishes. BBQ sauce goes great on top of pizza and can even add a punch to your slow-cooked baked beans.

The Barbecue Company's Top BBQ Sauces

New to the world of BBQ sauces and looking for some help finding the perfect flavour? You've come to the right place.

The Barbecue Company offers a comprehensive range of high-quality barbecue sauces imported from the country that made barbecuing what it is today — the USA.

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Killer Hogs' The BBQ Sauce is aptly named. It's the perfect BBQ sauce for pretty much any meat and occasion. Offering the perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavours with just a hint of spice, The BBQ Sauce goes well with everything from steak to pork belly. 


If you're searching for a BBQ sauce with slightly more complex flavours, check out Heath Riles BBQ's Sweet BBQ Sauce. In combining brown sugar, ketchup, salt, pepper, and garlic, Sweet BBQ Sauce pairs well with most types of meat, including beef, pork, and chicken.


No barbecue is complete without hot sauce, and the best hot sauce is made by Killer Hogs. Killer Hogs' Hot Sauce will add a real kick to your meat, whether you choose to throw it on chicken wings or even mix it through your veggies. Aged red peppers are blended with vinegar and garlic for a tasty treat. 

The Barbecue Company — Experts in BBQ Sauce

Take some time to browse our full range of BBQ sauces. Whether you're looking for something hot or prefer milder honey smoked flavour, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for at The Barbecue Company.