What Makes Texas BBQ Sauce Different?

There are a few key ingredients that make Texas BBQ sauce unique. It has a deeper, smokier flavour, and often includes cumin and chilli powder, which give the sauce a bit of a kick. Texas BBQ sauces are usually made with vinegar or the addition of another acidic ingredient rather than ketchup or tomato paste. This gives the sauce a tangy flavour that really sets it apart from other sauces. 

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BBQ Sauce

The sauces we supply are made with only the finest ingredients. Our suppliers use fresh tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and a variety of spices to give our sauce its unique flavour. And of course, no self-respecting Texas BBQ sauce would be complete without a little bit of smoke flavouring. Unique to each brand.

Texas BBQ Sauce

Texas BBQ sauce is all about the smoke. There's no ketchup in Texas BBQ sauce - that would be sacrilege! Instead, the sauce is all about the smoke. It's thin and sharp, with a kick of cumin and chilli pepper that cuts through the richness of the meat.

Texas BBQ Sauce is unique. Texas sauces are known for their light yet hearty texture. Texas BBQ tends to have a simpler spice profile while going for flavour using acids and sugars. They are often heavy on the chilli side because of Texas’s spicy culinary history.  The sweetness in the sauce helps to cut through the smokiness of the BBQ. This makes for a unique and delicious flavour that can’t be found anywhere else!

The cooking process developed by Texans goes all in, as any Texas-based solutions do. Smoked texas brisket melts in your mouth without the fat. A store-bought marinade or sauce will not do. The key to a good Texas BBQ sauce is in the smoking process. The smoke flavour should be present, but not overwhelming. The smoky BBQ sauce should also have a bit of sweetness to it.

The way the meat that texas BBQ is heated is much more direct than its neighbours. Burned over mesquite or oak woods, providing a distinguishable and highly pronounced smoky flavour throughout the juicy brisket. This gives the BBQ sauce a more natural smoky taste. The BBQ sauce is also thinner and spicier, designed to seep deep into the meat for maximum flavour.

Texas BBQ started when north European, Germanic, and Dutch settlers arrived in what is now Texas in the late 19th century. Their cuisine and the cuisine that has already developed in the area merged together. Creating a spicy and sweet meat cooking recipe. Coupled with European treats, like apple pie, that soon became distinctly American due to their inclusion in the Southern BBQ tradition. 

The combination of these cultures resulted in the development of a Texas barbecue tradition that is unique and different from others you'll find around the country. It is distinct from its southern neighbours in the way it is made and seasoned. As well as the meat choices. Brisket meat is a popular choice for a true, red, white, and blue Texas BBQ.

BBQ has become popular all over the world. From Paris to Taiwan, American BBQ eateries are seeing lines out the door. Why not recreate the experience at home? With the best products to make the best BBQ, you will be the BBQ king of your neighbourhood! 

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The majestic result when using our sauces is a product of the perfect storm of all-natural ingredients, time, temperature and technique. Read on for the best picks to start with when recreating your Texas BBQ in Australia.


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BBQ Sauce From The Barbecue Company

So there you have it, the key differences that make Texas BBQ sauce stand out from the rest. Pick up your new favourite BBQ sauce from The Barbecue Company today! If you’re not sure which one is right for you, we’re happy to help! Contact us for advice or to offer any feedback and we’ll be sure to lend a hand.