Tips For Grilling With BBQ Pellets

Are you thinking about upgrading your barbecuing experience? It might be time to start using BBQ pellets. BBQ pellets are a very clean type of fuel that can lend a delicious, smoky flavour to your meat. Whether you're grilling steak or frying chicken wings, using BBQ smoking pellets rather than gas or charcoal ensures you have complete control over the temperature and taste of your meal.

What Are BBQ Pellets?

BBQ pellets, also sometimes known as cooking pellets, grilling pellets, or smoking pellets, are a type of fuel that is primarily used in a pellet grill. A pellet grill is a particular type of barbecue that is well known for its precise temperature control, versatility, and ability to infuse delicious flavour into the meat. You can use BBQ wood pellets in other types of grills, too. Just be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions before trying a new kind of fuel in your barbecue.

The exact ingredients found in BBQ pellets depend on the brand and type. Most are made from hardwood varieties, including hickory, apple, cherry, oak, and alder. BBQ pellets go through a manufacturing process to ensure no traces of bark or dirt as you might find in a natural wood product. 

BBQ pellets are quite thin and, when burned, add a smoky flavour and texture to your meat. If you're looking to create the perfect BBQ setup, you can't go past a grill stacked full of The Barbecue Company's BBQ pellets.

Advantages Of BBQ Pellets

There are many advantages to using BBQ pellets for cooking your meat.

To start with, BBQ pellets tend to burn very cleanly. As a result, they produce little ash, and any waste product is relatively easy to remove. 

BBQ pellets are very energy efficient and produce lower carbon dioxide levels than other popular barbecuing fuels, like gas.

Finally, from a barbecuing perspective, using pellets makes it very easy to control the temperature of your grill. By controlling the temperature, you are more likely to end up with a meal that is evenly cooked. 

Guide To Using BBQ Pellets

So you've purchased a packet of BBQ pellets from The Barbecue Company. What now?

Well, the manufacturer of your grill will likely provide exact instructions on how to set up and start your grill. It's important to pay attention to these as no two grills are alike and the last thing you want to do is damage your barbecue before you've even started cooking.

Generally speaking, the most crucial step to successfully using BBQ hardwood pellets is to ensure you've got your hands on a high-quality product. The quality of your pellets can affect everything from the taste of your meat to how quickly it cooks, so be discerning about the products you buy.

This isn't a problem when shopping with The Barbecue Company. We know how seriously our customers take their barbecuing and strive to provide the best quality BBQ pellets on the market for the ultimate barbecuing experience. 

Shop With The Barbecue Company For Barbecue Pellets

Have we convinced you it's time to leave gas or charcoal behind and grill exclusively with BBQ pellets? You've made the right decision — check out some of our best-selling products below.


Few people know barbecuing quite like Myron Mixon. The celebrity chef is a five-time barbecue world champion and is now offering customers the opportunity to cook like him using his range of BBQ pellets.

The Myron Mixon BBQ Pellets Hickory will lend a strong, smoky flavour to your preferred cut of meat whilst reducing the amount of ash required to clean up. 

Myron Mixon also offers BBQ pellets in cherry and orchard blend flavours.   


Straight from the orchards of California, Knotty Wood's Plum Barbecue Pellets provide a unique flavour to your meat. Plum wood is a rich, fruity hardwood that will infuse your meet with sweetness and complexity.

Plum wood is an excellent option for all types of meat. If you enjoy the flavour profile of these BBQ smoking pellets, check out Knotty Wood's Almond BBQ Pellets.

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Whether you're looking for BBQ pellets or BBQ sauce, The Barbecue Company has you covered. Our team is highly passionate about barbecuing and strives to provide our customers with the best products to create the ultimate barbecuing experience. 

Check out our website for our full range of products, and contact our friendly customer service team with any and all of your questions.