Which BBQ Pellets Are Best For Smoking?

It’s a wonderful time we live in, where anyone can have a smoker in the comfort of their own backyard. Smoking meats and veggies is more popular than ever. It’s fun, interesting, and produces mouth-watering, flavoursome food. 

With this in mind, it’s important for us pitmasters to know what’s going to be best for our food. We’ve put together a little guide to our favourite smoking pellets. With this, you can ensure you’re using the right fuel for the job. 

Read on to find out more about our most popular BBQ pellets, some premium smoking pellets, and more.

Our Most Popular Smoker Pellets

The Myron Mixon smoker pellets are far and away our highest selling pellet product. Myron Mixon is a legend of the competitive BBQ circuit. It’s no surprise that he’s put his face on a line of products that produce epic results time and time again. 

The Myron Mixon pellets come in many different kinds of wood. Take the Myron Mixon Fruit Orchard Blend, which is a combination of oak, hickory, and cherry. It’s worth noting that when it comes to a mixed pellet, oak tends to make up about 70% of the weight. The remaining 30% will come from whatever’s included in the blend. Hickory makes up a fair part of this pellet. That means they’re going to be another excellent choice for smoking pork products. You take that classic hickory, and you add the subtle, fruity notes of cherry? You’ve got yourself one of those sweet, salt, and smoke combinations that us smoking fans hold so dearly. 

If you're a cherry fan, Myron Mixon does a 100% Cherry BBQ pellet too. If you like it in a blend, you'll love it on its own. We even recommend grabbing a bag of the cherry AND a bag of the hickory, so that you can do your own blend. That's the sort of experimental mindset we pitmasters are crazy about! Speaking of which...

Premium & Experimental Smoking Pellets

Want to take your smoking off the beaten track? Check out our range from Knotty Woods. They’ve put together a couple of smoking pellet flavours that haven’t been that common in recent years. After you’ve tried them you won’t understand why that’s the case.

Anything you dish up with their 100% Pure Plum Wood Barbecue Pellets is sure to turn heads. This wood will impart an intense colour to anything you smoke, and it goes great with chicken, pork, and fish. Again, combine that with a bit of hickory and you've got yourself a pork flavour for the ages. We would suggest avoiding using this with beef, though. Give it a crack if you're feeling adventurous, but those lighter coloured meats? They're the perfect canvas to colour up. 

100% Pure Almond Wood Barbecue Pellets are another string in the Knotty Woods bow. As you'd expect, they bring a very welcome nutty flavour to whatever you smoke with them. We'd suggest giving these a try with some chicken, fish, or even (gasp!) vegetables. Try them with squash, mushrooms, capsicums, corn, or brassicas like cauliflower and broccoli. The lighter flavour of whatever you're smoking will let the smoky almond stand out as the hero of the dish.

Should I Use Charcoal BBQ Pellets?

Yes! But only if you're after a very specific flavour. They aren't going to remind you of any particular wood when you use them. What they are going to do is produce an intense amount of heat and deliver a satisfying char. They'll give whatever you cook a rich, full-blown BBQ flavour. Great for steaks of any variety, or anything else that won't take too long to cook. These aren't for those low-and-slow style recipes you'd use other wood pellets for.

Where Can I Buy Smoker Pellets?

Stock up on smoker pellets right here, at The Barbecue Company! Check out our range of BBQ pellets and see for yourself why we're such proud stockists of the best of the best.