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Cordova for the win

I spent a lot of time looking for the best ice box on the market. Cordova showed up as a newer entrant to the roto moulded cooler space; built tough and built in America. It got great reviews for quality and for keeping ice cold.
I received it last week and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Wonderful pan! Worth every cent

Sensational quality and cooking. I’m a cast iron convert! I have one other pan, a gorgeous unfinished Japanese skillet, which is also amazing, this size smithey is perfect for larger family dishes.

Pretty Good Stuff

Was looking for a breakfast sausage replacement for Jimmy Dean and Owen, while living in Australia. This seasoning is the next best thing. It has a very nice flavor.

Love it

No bad ingredients such as food dyes or preservatives. Love that it’s all natural ingredients and tastes incredible. I’ve never tried hot sauce with kiwi before but I’m very glad I did!

Great bundle!

Beautiful rubs and great service.
Thank you!

Spot on!

Great sauce

Epic Glaze

Used this with Lane's Kapalua Rub... just worked so well and the rack looked amazing too!


Great knife 👍

Love it

Best tasting sausage seasoning i have ever had

Perfect Pigtail

Don’t know how I’ve done without this
tool so handy haven’t used tongs or flipper
since I received this pigtail

Killer Hogs Rub Bundle

Well, they live up to the hype. Amazing rubs, fast delivery, great service! Well done.

Pink Butcher Paper

Great product & so much better results than foil.

Diamond Crystal Fine Kosher Salt

the salt is very fine which i needed in my cake

Great service and great product

Excellent service.

I ordered the pellets lunch time on a Wednesday, and they were delivered by 10am the very next day. Couldn’t ask for a better response from a company.

The pellets themselves were excellent, I’ve made maple brined chicken thighs and a brisket so far with them, and they were both perfect.

All in all, top shit all around. A+ Will use again.

Great product very happy with it

O yer

Let me tell you my secret on how I use this rub , I rub 10kg heavily with this steak rub and smoke them with beechwood in a smokaroma pressure smoker for around 45 minutes from a cold start .. o man you can’t stop at one ..

The best BBQ rub around. Use it on everything and in any type of cooking. BBQ, smoking, low and slow, conventional oven.

Surprisingly Good

I was sceptical about the flavour these simple spices would bring out.
I did Ribeyes 2” thick on the baby Webber q.

I hit them with the AP seasoning 8 hours before I cooked them. Placed them back in the refrigerator until 1 hour before cooking time. Awesome flavour! I also put AP seasoning on baked potatoes right on top of the sour cream and cheese. Kids loved them. I will always have this seasoning on hand from now on.

killer hogs rub bundle

so happy with the rubs i have used so far great flavors and leave a real good bark

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 1.36kg

Very nice

Very nice

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub
Kristian McKenna
Malcom Is A Genius

I’ve been watching Malcom Reed for a long time on YouTube. He knows what he is doing in the bbq world. I knew this would be delicious and it was. So many awesome flavours in one rub. I even used it on a chicken in the kitchen oven and it came out amazing. This will take your smoking to the next level.

Great Salt!

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is my go to salt for cooking. Fine crystals and a great taste.