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The best rub

Love it, we had it on beef was amazing, great flavour with a bit of sweet, not over powering. Highly recommend

Killer Hoggs AP

Excellent seasoning - Best AP rub. Easy go to seasoning for a BBQ.

My goto Salt

I find it the perect crystal size for my domestic cooking requirements. Can recommend


Great product and very competitive price

Almost straight vinegar

Not particularly nice - ok if you like vinegar lol

Set myass a Meh

Awesome flavour, have ordered several times and with a couple TSP extra hot chilli powder is awesome for injecting a pork shoulder. Certainly not as hot as the label says. Still one of my fave BBQ Sauces

Great Products …….Will be buying more

Orange and halapino rub amazing flavour

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub

Love my ever reliable tuffy stone rubs

Love my ever reliable Tuffy Stone rubs

Love it, Worcestershire Sauce based sauce/glaze. Delivers fantastic results, could be a tad thicker but that's nit picking really

The flavour of this sauce is outstanding. Can be used on anything - not just wings.

Excellent flavour rub and the service is great as well.

Heath Riles BBQ Apple Rub
Domenico Pitasi
Apple rub

Amazing order and re order this. Is simply amazing on pork belly chicken and ribs. Even over potatoes highly recommended

An evil hot sauce from Myron that I could smell was way too hot for my consumption

Was really looking forward to something thick, sweet, flavourful, maybe with a hint of peach and what does Myron serve up?! Some deathly hot vinegar based sauce. Have no use for this. Only buy it if you love Nandos Extra Hot sauce through your pulled pork

Awesome product, fast postage , very happy with purchase

Fire Dancer BBQ Chicken Rub
Gary Kealy
Fire dancer chicken

5 stars every time I use it

Worth a try for sure


I have had lots of troubles with my fermentation process with the right salt.
I have used Celtic sea salt and it didn’t work for me.
I used y the diamond kosher salt and I am so very happy with it. There is no strong aftertaste of salt and the flavour of my ferments is so lovely.
Really glad I purchased it.

Awesome rub.

Awesome it!!!


Happy to receive this salt - an asset in my kitchen. Great size too

Great Flavour

Used on St Louis ribs and the flavour was amazing.

Good flavour good crunch