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Mis Rubins White Magic All Purpose Seasoning

Great rub

A great rub that can be used for anyone including kids. I like a bit more heat but you can easily adjust this to taste by adding cayenne or chilli powder. Otherwise a well balanced rub. Tried on grilled pork neck steaks first up and was awesome. Will definitely buy again.

Hot sauce is great

Bought this Hot sauce and was unsure how hot it would be. Definitely be buying again. It’s a good moderation of heat.

Great taste
Just a little bite


Tastes so good! Goes with everything. An absolute fav. Highly recommend.


Tastes incredible! Highly recommend :)

Great NC rub. Goes well on ribs and pulled pork. My new go to.

Great site to use.

Peach rub deliciousness

Best run I have found to use across meat, chicken, ribs, vegetables. Tasty, tasty!

Killer. Time Davies too! Love the AP

Killer Hogs Barbecue Rub Bundle


Amazing rubs, for pulled pork I’ve layered the AP rub and bbq rub. Used the hot bbq rub and also the bbq rub on chicken and that was amazing too! Used the AP on some lamb which was great and the brisket rub on a tomahawk which worked out really well too. Great rubs, but also great service, received my package quickly and got cooking straight away. Will be putting in another order soon!


Great on most Bbq

Royal Oak Tumbleweeds

Love this product, use it every Sunday, starts your charcoal first time, ever time ,and no nasties ,just all natural

Great "Go-To" seasoning.

Sometimes you want a meal without a strong seasoning/rub. This is a great go-to product that makes anything taste great. My wife is also on a Keto diet and this seasoning is perfect for her. In the end it comprises the basic seasoning ingredients for any cook you are doing. You can also add additional rub if you want too.

Great sauce for multiple types of protein

I like this sauce because you can use it for just about anything. Some sauces have a very strong after taste and tend to over power. This sauce is one of my favorites.

Great BBQ sauce

This is.a great sauce. I love it because its not overly blended and you can taste the layers of ingredients. Taste best when hot/warm

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub
Christopher Johns


Smithey Ironware No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet (30cm)

BBQ garlic butter

My family love it on everything

Love it, perfect spray for chicken Wings

Can't cook without it.

Definitely recommend

really great flavour and excellent value

Great Rub

Awesome flavour, with a perfect amount of sweetness. Not very spicy so it is great for all the guests. So far used it on pork ribs, and a few reverse seared steaks.


These things are awesome. They go in subtle but the aftertaste is sensational. it packs the flavour of the crawfish. very moorish. great price.